One’s face is probably the most prominent aspect, or attribute, of the human body which attracts other people, at first glance. Your face is important.

Face & neck-lifting – we can optimise your face to restore youthful appearance & ‘freshness’.

Ear surgery, today, is rapid & virtually painless. Thanks to plastic surgery, prominent or out-of-proportion ears - which can give owners of such ears a negative 'complex' - can be vastly improved. Such a condition may have plagued a person's psyche, for many years: plastic surgery can, and does, cure this problem.  One’s ears never stop growing, and earlobes can elongate at an even faster rate – weighty ear-rings can accelerate this process. Our clinic has treatments for you.

Plastic surgery of the nose is primarily for people who are not satisfied with the shape or size of their nose. Cleopatra Clinic can help you, if this is your requirement.

Plastic surgery of lips. In 2016, a magazine survey of women in the UK found that having too-thin lips was the #1 ‘complaint’ they’d like to have corrected.  Full red lips are one of the hallmarks of youth & beauty, for women.  Narrowing & thinning lips exacerbates…worsens…with time.  Additionally, vertical wrinkles radiating outwards from the lips, are among the signs of an aging face.  Our clinic has solutions for you.

Plastic surgery of the eyelids & ocular orbits. These interventions correct the excess & sagging skin on the eyelids.  Our eyes are the most salient, even important, feature on your face.

Hair transplantation. Hair has always, for the majority of people, been a symbol of beauty, and an essential part of the appearance of each person.  Thinning, or even loss, of hair, could turn into a frustrating psychological malaise, for a person. Cosmetic surgery can solve this problem through hair transplant techniques.

Beauty can be at your fingertips…when you decide to contact Cleopatra Clinic for your consultation. us!

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