Not only women, but men, too, men desire to be still young, firm & feeling valued.

Today, men care for their ‘image’, and not only in the gym...

Yes, men also have a right to beauty & attractiveness.

Gynecomastia - Cosmetic changes to a man’s upper torso & chest area, are already much more than only the prerogative of women. In recent years, we are seeing rising interest, and completed procedures, for men, in the area of chest-surgeries. ‘Male breasts’ syndromes have several causes...and some excellent, targeted surgical cures.

Happy Face lift – neck-lifting, injectable corrections like Restylane & hyaluronic acid, are available for men.  Men, increasingly, often ask for face surgeries eg. nose, eyelids, and wrinkle reduction.

Liposuction, abdominoplasty - The male abdomen & flanks are specific areas where men would like to see as little adipose tissue residing, as possible.

Laser uvuloplasty – snoring can be very unpleasant. It can alter one’s relationships, and not for the better. Laser interventions to the upper throat area can reduce or totally solve, this problem.

Ear surgery - rapid & virtually painless. Reduction & re-shaping of ears is not just for of all ages are increasingly seeking this treatment.

Rhinoplasty surgery – male pride can be improved very significantly, depending upon the person, by re-shaping and/or reducing, the size of the nose.

Plastic surgery of the eyelids - corrects the excess & sagging skin in víček. Eyes are the most salient, expressive feature on our face. And men, as much as any woman, would like to have not-unattractive eyes!

So, now one can see…plastic & aesthetic surgery absolutely certainly can help not only women…but also men. So, gentlemen...what are you waiting for? Contact Cleopatra Clinic, today!

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