Frequently Asked Questions...

Will the outcome be natural or artificial?


Some of you might have seen a bad result of plastic cosmetic surgery. Sometimes it is visible only after taking a closer look, in other cases the bad result is apparent immediately. And so it happens that instead of enhancing your appearance, you end up with a nearly repulsive effect.

Naturally, nobody wants to look plastic. After a consultation, MUDr. Otakar Zakout directs all cosmetic surgery towards natural and not striking results. Dr. Zakout avoids exaggerated modifications – that is – artificial, designer and cover-girl appearance. Quite the opposite, he takes pride in making balanced, natural adjustments so that his patients do not look like “artificial products”.

What is really satisfying are the reactions to these operations – the patients’ friends usually evaluate the “new appearance” with “Oh, you look great!” (unknowingly in terms of new hairdo, make-up or after a time spent in spa) rather than “ Well, did you or didn’t you get plastic surgery? or...“Wow, you’ve got nose/boob/... job!”

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to convey your exact ideas and requests to Dr. Zakout at your consultation so that he can put them into the level of reality.