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What shall I do if I am interested?


In case of your interest in any cosmetic surgery, you should arrange a personal consultation.

This examination and discussion between you and a doctor will make it possible for us to put your ideas into perspective and think reasonably about your wishes and their realisation. This cosultation is absolutely not binding and does not mean you must undergo the procedure! After you have arrived for your appointment, you will go through a private consultation with Dr. Zakout or any other doctor from our clinic. This takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes, but of course it is highly individual as it depends on your level of satisfaction with the discussed matter. Dr. Zakout and his team take an interest in making you fully informed. Naturally, you are welcome to bring your relatives or friends as well if you feel they may support you and help you in deciding.

If, at the end of your consultation, you are absolutely sure you want to undergo cosmetic surgery offered by our clinic, you will book a date convenient for you. In this case, you will also be provided with instructions and advice on preoperative and partly postoperative care dealing with what you will have to arrange and how to be prepared for the operation.

There are some patients who will need more time to think over what has been said and advised. So they go home under no obligation to undergo any surgery and then consider carefully their situation. If their final decision is “Yes”, they will visit us once more to book a particular date and there will be also space for discussing any possible questions. Some of your prospective enquiries can be answered by phone or by e-mail (

In case of any questions, please call

+420 596 123 854
+420 721 520 420

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