Frequently Asked Questions...

How much pain is involved?


Local anaesthesia is used for making a particular part of your body insensitive to pain by the means of administration of local anaesthetic. All you must endure is the quick moment of injection and stinging in a period of diffusion which will make the area numb. After that you will not feel any pain even though you might notice slight pressure in the area treated. In case a local anaesthetic is combined with sedation, this will induce sleep and you will not remember a thing. In fact, what most patients say after waking up is “Oh, is it over? I thought it hadn’t started yet!”

Sometimes general anaesthesia is necessary and more suitable for the patient. This puts you into the state of profound sleep from the moment of delivering anaesthesia by injection (usually into an upper limb) which will last the whole surgery up to your waking on a clinical bed. During the surgery, you will be monitored by two experienced and highly erudite anaesthetists. After the operation, you might need to take painkillers until the pain dies completely away.