Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the reasons for undergoing surgery?


The desire to look as young as a person feels is very natural.

It is noticeable that a healthier lifestyle and modern medicine improve life expectancy and help us remain in a good condition and lead a fairly high-quality life even as we get older and older. People in their fifties, sixties and even seventies feel much better than their (grand) parents did. It is utterly understandable that many of them seek surgery procedures to improve both health and aesthetic appearance so that it corresponds with their feelings and not their age.

Doctor Zakout, his doctors and medical team emphasise that no matter what part of your body you want to have changed by plastic cosmetic surgery, your intention should be appropriate to your feelings and expectations, to make you feel good and comfortable.

You should never undergo surgery under pressure or in order to please somebody else. If you are planning to undergo plastic surgery, always do it because of yourself.

What to do with a contra: “It isn’t natural, just vanity...”

Doctor Zakout and his team strongly refuse any suggestions that people choose cosmetic plastic surgery out of vanity. We all are very well aware that mental and physical condition make up inseparable parts. Many of us had the chance to see how depression can cause a deterioration of a physical appearance. And vice versa. There are so many people struggling with their imperfect aesthetic appearance. Having a cosmetic imperfection, regardless of its origin, is not heroism – to bear it like a burden all your life.

We deal in the same way with arguments like: “Are you mad? We all know you and like you the way you are!” In some cases, these arguments can turn into threats: “If you do such a thing, I don’t want to see you ever again...” etc. You must undestand that people who say such things do not understand your feelings at all.

That’s why MUDr. Zakout and his team advise – don’t be afraid to let your own needs and feelings decide, because it is you and no one else who must cope with your “trouble”. When the others see you happy about how the surgery went, they will finally be able to see your reasons for choosing plastic surgery.