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What happens in case of dissatisfaction?


Various types of complications may develop after each operation in spite of the effort made by the plastic surgeon and the patient himself to prevent them. That is why we find it irresponsible, misleading and unfair to guarantee that there is absolutely no possibility of any complications. Some of you will be surprised how much time during your consultation is dedicated to explaining all possible complications or making you familiar with what kind of outcomes we expect in the event of an atypical anatomical preoperative finding.

But still, should anything go wrong, Dr. Zakout and his team will provide you their medical knowledge and surgery service and experience and will try to remedy the situation without making the patient pay an extra charge. Similarly, if, after the healing process, the results do not live up to the doctors’ or the patient’s expectations and supposing there is space for corrective surgery, MUDr. Zakout and his team will be at your disposal and will willingly provide you with their surgery services free of charge.

But there are also complications, whose cause and origin do not result from Dr. Zakout’s work or could not be prevented (allergy, type of scar healing, material intolerance etc.) Only this is the case when the expenses are covered by the patient himself. This also includes the situation where the patient did not follow the instructions, disregarding compulsory follow-up visits, keloid scars etc. But even here, Dr. Zakout usually provides his services, if possible, free of charge or for mininmal cost and after a mutual agreement, the patient covers just the additional necessary costs for anesthesia, used medical materials and hospital stay.

This helpful attitude is due to the fact that Dr. Zakout and his staff are pleased with their work only after it is clear that the patient himself is satisfied with the surgery outcome.