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Liposuction, plastic surgery...

People, from the time in distant history when they first looked into a pool of water, and saw their reflection...began to consider their ‘looks’, and appearance. In that moment, some pride (and not only justifiable vanity!) was born. One’s appearance is the prime showcase in personal contact. It truly is.

Menschen bewerten seit Jahrzehnten ihr Aussehen. Ihr Äußeres ist die primäre Visitenkarte bei einem persönlichen Kontakt.


We see the attractiveness of faces & physiques that we encounter. Therefore, a great many women & men aspire to beauty & youthful appearance.

Through lipoplasty, tummy tuck surgery, perspiration-hyperhidrosis treatments, stomach-borne gastric balloons, to name but a few – aesthetic & plastic surgery offers a variety of treatments that can truly significantly raise self-esteem. What targeted examples can we give you, regarding the incalculable value of aesthetic medicine? Treatments which transcend the mere mechanics of tucking, trimming, vacuum-removal & pinning-back?

For a woman, reducing small & large labia in one’s intimate area, can confer confidence.  One’s physical relationship with one’s life-partner plays a very important role in one’s overall happiness.  Labiaplasty, as an example, for a woman, can remove many inhibitions with her partner. The treatment enhances – by removing psychological & physical impediments – that couple’s intimate experience. Can one put a price on complete enjoyment in that aspect of one’s life?

Snoring is often the audible, ‘sonic’ performance while sleeping! This can be very unpleasant, especially for a person’s sleep partner. Cleopatra Clinic has super laser treatments, for curing such frequently-irritating nocturnal noise!

Parents can find themselves at the end of their tether, with a child who’s being teased about his or her prominent ears, in the playground.  Otoplasty to the rescue: ear re-shaping can alter the defining facial features of a son or daughter, for the better. The peace of mind this confers upon a household, for that young patient’s life, immediately and for decades to come…need we say more?

Yes: plastic surgery’s got benefits which are vastly more far-reaching than you’d imagined.


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