The chances are excellent that you will be happy with your surgery provided that you realise all advantages (but also possible, infrequent disadvantages), benefits & effects. Cleopatra Clinic has extensive experience with breast augmentation and can responsibly recommend it if you are considering this operation. As with any other surgery, your expectations need to be realistic. Neither implants nor the best surgeon can perform magic. The minimum age is the finalisation of both general physical & breast growth - hence roughly from the age of 18. The upper limit is determined by health state enabling general anaesthesia & good healing. The breast is a symbol of femininity and sexuality. If you feel the appearance of your breasts is not in line with your wishes, for whatever reason, do not worry and visit us for advice. We will not persuade you! The decision lies entirely in your hands! We will be your expert advisor. And, if you do undergo breast augmentation surgery at our clinic, even for the period when you have implants and you come for check-ups, we will virtually be your family specialist.