Women are very often unhappy with their body figure. It is the same even in this nether-regions labial case! Even though we are talking about an area that is – supposing you have at least your underwear on – concealed to the view of others (unlike your hips, buttocks, legs or nose), many women are really bothered by their genital labial dimensions. For this reason a labiaplasty can significantly improve your mental well-being, increase your self-confidence and relieve the unpleasant physical feelings in your genitalia. Considering it is rather a simple procedure, the chances are excellent that you will be happy with the surgery. But it is not only women who tend to be dissatisfied with the appearance of their intimate parts. Contemporary plastic surgery offers a surgical correction of male genitals, most commonly the correction of foreskin that in many cases causes some inconvenience in the sexual life. We are mentioning this “male matter” in this chapter deliberately, because there might be a situation when your partner seeks a solution to “his problem”. Then it can be you who comes with advice. You will learn about specific possibilities of correcting intimate parts during personal consultations.